01 November 2021

Entering the Kingdom

Why does Jesus say that if we want to enter the kingdom, we have to do so like children (Matthew 18:3)? In the apocryphal Gospel of Thomas, Jesus expands on this saying. He invokes the image of a child throwing off their clothes in public, and says this is how we are to enter the kingdom. Why do children do this? Has this ever happened to you? How often have to had to stop your own child from shucking their clothes in the middle of church?

Perhaps they do this because their clothes don't fit. They stir and feel uncomfortable because their clothes are too tight, too loose, too rough, or sometimes just ugly and it's not like they got to pick that outfit anyways. So they throw it off and run naked through the pews. This is how Jesus says we are to enter the kingdom. What does that even mean?

How do you feel right now? Does anything in your life feel ill-fitting? Do you ache beneath the burden of something that you didn't even choose? Jesus invites you to throw it off and run naked into his kingdom. Whatever burdens you, God will see you be released. He invites you to renew yourself in baptism, to receive forgiveness, and to start fresh. Whatever this world has clothed you in, whatever labels it has given you, throw them off and put on the Spirit of God; it was tailored just for you and the more you grow, the better it will fit.

Peace be with you.