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The Bible is the foundation of all Christian faith. However, understanding it is far from simple. Its language is rooted in ancient Greek and Hebrew, translated from various sources, with even the tradition of its translation into English spanning centuries as well. It is no wonder that every individual that reads the Bible can come up with a wildly different interpretation of its meaning!

How well do you know the Bible? You know the important questions, you've heard stories and sermons, but how well do you really know the Word of God?

I am putting together a blog and a series of videos which examines the Bible chapter by chapter, and searches for deeper meaning in God's Word. This is not a selection of stories like in Sunday School; it is an in-depth look at the whole of scripture.

The name Salty Bible Study comes from Mark 9:50, where Jesus admonishes his disciples to "have salt in yourselves and be at peace one with another" (v50). In this passage, Jesus breaks down the false dichotomy of those who follow right teaching and those who do not by teaching them that "whoever is not against us is on our side" (v40). He then establishes how all those who help Christians are rewarded (v41) and how those who harm Christians are punished (v42-48). Finally, he brings the lesson back to a message of unity, that hardship (being "salted with fire") (v49) is not the same as punishment, that those who make sacrifices of their lives to God are rewarded all the same ("seasoned with salt"), and that their shared purpose should bring them together in peace no matter what their differences of belief.

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