05 February 2021

A Case of Writer's Block and Learning to Listen

This week, I had a wonderful idea for an article in my head. I really had something profound to say. I had read the scripture and I was ready to write my thoughts on the topic. But when I went to type, the words were gone. I reread my passages and once again felt inspired to write, and once again found I had nothing to say.

In Luke's gospel, Zechariah is struck mute by an angel and his voice does not return until he is ready to do as God commands (Luke 1:19-66). In Exodus (4:21), God hardened Pharaoh's heart so that he would not listen to Moses. What does that mean? It means Pharaoh had had a bad day and was in a mood when Moses arrived. Sometimes God's hand is clear in its movement, but more often it is almost imperceptibly subtle.

When I sat down to write, I was not writing the article the Spirit was leading me to write. That message was for me and not to be shared (Rev 10:4). I realized that when I turned to a random page and immediately wrote about what I read. That message was the message for sharing.

I remember once being told that Jesus gave his disciples "secret" teachings (Matt 13:10-11, Mark 4:10-11). However, in his testimony to the High Priest, Jesus denied ever keeping any of his teachings secret (John 18:19-21). He had not given them secret teachings, but had made his meaning plain for them, tailoring his message for their ears.

Does God give secret teachings tailored to each person, each with an inscrutable command? Of course not. But sometimes, The Spirit hides part of the message as Jesus did, while other times the Spirit makes that same message plain. God saves the seed of his Word for when the ground is fertile and the season right for planting, not to mislead, but to increase the bounty at the harvest time (Matt 13:3-9).

God is still speaking. What message is waiting for you to receive in the Spirit and in truth? Perhaps it will come to you in prayer, or in time. Listen with an open mind, and when you hear it, I pray you have the courage to take up the Spirit's call.

Peace be with you.

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