17 April 2020

God's Promises, Part 5

God promises us Life, Love, and Home. These are his gifts to us, his creation. As proof, he has given us dominion over the Earth, the rainbow, and his love. He has preserved a holy nation to remember his promises. We can read his promises in the Bible and see them in the world around us. He asks nothing for these gifts; he gives them freely. Only that love will make us holy.

Peace be with you.

Song: Ancient Words

1 comment:

  1. Thank God for these great gifts! And I like to think of dominion as stewardship. "The Lord's is the earth and everything in it, the world and all who dwell in it." We just take care of the world that belongs to God. So we need to protect the air and water and land from pollution and global warming. Thanks, Ned, for your inspirational message.


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