15 April 2020

God's Promises, Part 3: A Holy Nation

The Abrahamic Covenant

In Genesis 12-17, God makes three covenants with Abraham. God promises that Abraham will have descendants as numerous as the stars. God promises to make a nation of Abraham's descendants. God grants Abraham the land of Canaan and establishes circumcision as the sign of this covenant. Note that this covenant is given to Abraham and his descendants only, not to all the world.

God would go on to make many more covenants with the nations that descended from Abraham. God made covenants with Hagar (Ishmael's mother), with Moses, with Moses' brother Aaron, and with David. These covenants establish Israel as a holy nation and a holy people. The sign of Israel's covenant is that they keep his commandments and observe the Sabbath. These are not covenants that most Christians need be concerned with (unless you live in Israel), except that they give proof that God keeps his promises.

Song: To Canaan's Land

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